Hello fellow bibliophilias! My name is Sanzana! I love to read and I mostly go for NA romance novels. I find that NA is a genre I can closely relate to, therefore it is also my favourite.

For any of your zodiac/Myers Briggs fans, I’m a Cancer and an INFP.

If you noticed, I like to put the letter ‘U’ in my or/our words, such as colour and behaviour, it’s because I’m Canadian!

5IJc5_Xx.jpgI love books and everything to do with them. They’re a great pastime and for someone who spends a lot of time at home, a book is great company. Reading is an engaging thing for me and I take it very seriously if someone says that reading is not a hobby (because what would it be if it wasn’t)? I can easily put myself in a character’s shoes and just feel what they feel. With the right flow of words, it is also easy for me to accurately see the scene in my head. I am very tech-savy and a pretty awesome girl.

I’m only just starting out my adult life. I should be in my final year of university but due to recent events, I’m starting over again for the fall of 2015 (on my way to second year now).

However, my youth does not hide the fact that I’m an old soul and I find that I can relate a lot more with adults than with people my age. This is something not many people know, but reading is my cure to depression (sorry I had to bring out the big guns) and instead of looking to drugs and alcohol, I chose books (mind you, I don’t mind sipping on a glass of wine every now and then).

Even with my lack of experience when it comes to relationships, the advice I give is surprisingly accurate and magical (not my words). This is kind of why when I’m older, I would love to work for a magazine and become an advice columnist, because I believe my purpose for being in this world is to heal and aid others. I’m kind of far from that dream, but we’re getting there.

Anyway, I’m super excited for this to be my next big thing in life! Shout out to Jena Camp for making this possible! I love you girl! ❤

Photo source: Jilly Wonker